Shipping and Packaging

Seller Arranges Shipping:

John Lewis will provide shipping of this auction to the address provided on your account. You are responsible for paying the calculated shipping cost on this auction. Any shipping amount must be included with your order payment, and you must be prepared to accept delivery once this payment is made.

A representative from John Lewis will contact you via phone or email within 5 business days of your payment confirmation to arrange shipment.

Buyers may not arrange their own shipping.

If you are not present when your shipment arrives, you will be responsible for paying a re-delivery fee. If you are shipping to a residential address, delivery will be curbside. The delivery truck will not enter your driveway.

Sample Pallet Images:

QC Code
QC Code
QC Code

NOTE: You shall have five (5) business days from the date of delivery of Merchandise to inspect the shipment for any discrepancies in the quantity delivered and report such discrepancy to John Lewis in writing.

Buyer must provide original packaging QC codes (pictured), a detailed manifest labelling each item that is missing, as well as any supporting images or other documentation.

Disputes will not be accepted without QC code information.

QC Code